Complete Your Outfit With A New Watch

Complete Your Outfit With A New Watch

Find beautiful watches at our Evansville, IN jewelry store

Dress up your look by putting on a high-quality watch. Turley Mfg. Jewelers sells and repairs watches in Evansville, IN. We keep a variety of male and female watches in stock.

If you need your watch engraved or adjusted, we can do it. To ensure you look your best and your outfit is complete, make sure your watch fits your wrist perfectly.

Your watch might be malfunctioning because the inside needs to be cleaned. We clean watches, replace batteries, fix bands and repair crystals. Visit Turley Mfg. Jewelers for expert watch repair and cleaning services.

Our 3 most popular watch brands

Buy a watch manufactured by a trusted brand. Turley Mfg. Jewelers sells a variety of watch brands in the Evansville, IN area. Our three best-selling brands are:

  • Seiko
  • Citizen
  • Pulsar

Trust Turley Mfg. Jewelers to help you find the perfect watch.